August 27, 2011


Changing the World one person at a time.
Changing the World one person at a time.
Welcome to the New York Project POSITIVE CITY "Join The TEAM"

Keep these thoughts in mind as we continue to work and make progress day by day: We have a lot of work to do and we can do it, but it will take cooperation, time, funding and creativity. We haven't arrived just yet but it feels so right knowing we are truly on the "Right Track."

"Let’s work together to bring about positive change"

Our beliefs also include the following:

People will do what matters.

People want a way to make a difference, but feel powerless to solve the problems that can’t be solved alone. Inaction stems from a pragmatic judgment that participating doesn’t matter. Not apathy. If we think there are too few people to achieve a goal, we don’t bother. If we think there are too many, we don’t bother. But if the conditions exist for individual participation to be meaningful, we will take action.

It should be easier to care less.

We don’t care how much you care. Our job is to create tools that make it easy and fun to engage at whatever level you want and still make a difference.

Every problem has a tipping point.

Every problem has a tipping point of public frustration that will force a solution. If enough people want a problem to be solved and they have a way to find one another and coordinate action, they will solve it.

Amplifying the old tactics of change is not the answer.

A petition with a zillion signatures is impressive. For now. But as symbols of discontent, petitions derive their value from the fact that they take time to sign. As they become easier to sign, they become equally less powerful. As we grow used to the magnitude of petition and letter-writing campaigns, these tools will become no more useful than when they were handled offline.

The Web offers something more, but we must take a step back before we can move forward. We must correct our tactics to address the underlying problems of collective action and create rational incentives for change. We must break the path dependency on strategies that rely on press attention, and instead develop an approach that channels our collective will into a power that forces change.

A rule is only a rule if we let it be.

If enough people disagree with something, they have the safety in numbers to overwhelm authority. All they need is a tool to safely coordinate their behavior.

Stop waiting.

Today's technologies provide us with an opportunity to be heard and to do so much good in the world. Even though we are so fortunate to have these tools at our disposal, it is not the tools alone that will automatically bring about positive world change.

It is the Group Mind, Heart and Spirt "working together" that is needed in order to accomplsh that very challenging task. The old way of doing things is being replaced by a much better system that will allow the common man to speak his mind and stand up for that which he knows in his heart is right, regardless of what the rich and powerful say.

The Web enables like-minded groups to channel their influence into something more powerful, targeted, and efficient. We can now solve our shared problems directly by creating rational incentives for change.



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